Czech Police say assault on Muslim women in Prague by aggressive woman was a misdemeanor

The case of an attack on two Muslim women as they were on their way to the Divoká Šárka aquapark in Prague has been assessed by police as a misdemeanor. The Muslim women were chaperoning 13 children on a trip when they were photographed by a woman who then assaulted one of them both physically and verbally when they asked her to stop taking their picture.

“I believe there should be more intensive investigation of the motivation for that attack,” said Klára Kalibová, a lawyer and director of the In IUSTITIA organization, when asked by Czech Television what she made of the police’s conclusion. Verbally abusing others in public because of their assumed race or religion meets the definition of a crime, according to the relevant statute.

Tomáš Hulan, spokesperson for the Prague Police, told Czech Television that officers assessed the matter in full and came to the conclusion that the behavior described met the definition of a misdemeanor. The police are not, however, ruling out the option for the qualification of the incident to be changed.

bau, translated by Gwendolyn Albert